Defrost Tray


Product No. DT001
Color Black
Materials Aluminium
Aluminum is the best metal in heat transfer, it speedy transfers heat energy in between frozen food and atmosphere.
  • No batteries, no microwave, no electricity.
  • Ice water flows to sides, to prevent bacteria grown.
Maintenance Wash the tray thoroughly with water and dry with a dry cloth.
Packaging Brown Kraft Paper, PP Bag
Other Items NIL
Total Weight 1kg
Care Instruction
  • Clean with soap water before use.
  • For better result, put the tray under hot water for 10-20 seconds.
  • Remove all packaging from frozen food.
  • Place your frozen food evenly on the tray, allows biggest surface area to touch the tray.
  • Turn the food over once during the defrosting process, estimated time as below chart*:
    Boneless Chicken Breast (6 oz) 13-16 min
    Hamburger Patties (4 oz) 10-14 min
    Pork Chops (5 oz) 14-18 min
    Fish Fillets (6 oz) 12-14 min
    Steak ; Rib Eye (12 oz) 35-40 min
    *Time may vary due to room temperature, thickness of food, and the amount of food item on defrosting tray.
  • Do not place defrosting tray into refrigerator/micromave oven/dishwasher. Avoid direct heat from fire, roaster.
  • Keep clean and dry after use.

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