Carving Tool Set "Artist", 20 pieces


Product No. TRI-908582002
Materials Stainless Steel 420, TPE, PP
Product Description

For all those who are well versed in the art of shaping vegetables and need high quality, sophisticated but functional tools. All the knives are precisely crafted, their sizes and shapes carefully matched and the blades finely honed. The functional components are made of hardened stainless steel. The handles are made of a combination of high-quality polypropylene and non-slip, soft-grip Santoprene.

Packaging Gift Box Packing
Other Items NIL
Total Weight 0.61kg
Care Instruction For Stainless Steel Items:
  • Wash immediately after used.
  • Wash it in water or with alkaline detergents.
  • Do not rub them with abrasive products, metal or synthetic wool that make coarse scratches.
  • Wipe dry with a soft cloth immediately after washing.
  • Allow to dry completely & store in cool and dry place, e.g. drawer.
For gadgets bag:
  • Hand wash only in cool or warm water, no more than 40°C (104°F)
  • Do not bleach; do not use alkali, acid or fabric softeners. Do not dry clean.
  • Do not iron.
  • Hang dry.

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