About Us

The Brand

Jiminox is a kitchenware brand established in Germany 1993. Over the years, Jiminox has won recognition from many countries for the outstanding product designs, including the pro-balance knife series which had recently been awarded for its unique hand-adjustable knife (For more information, check out the official website of Pro-Balance Knives).

Jiminox gives a wide range of high quality houseware products from kitchen tools, knives, tablewares, cookwares to bar utilities that will surely style and brighten your home. Look into our products page to find the items suited for you. We also carry other brands such as B/R/K, Denver, Relish, and many more.

The Designer's Idea

The Jiminox designer, Jimi Kwok, is a Chinese designer who worked in Germany for many years with multiple German brands in the past. His hard work and love for kitchenware has allowed him to establish his own Jiminox brand in 1993 which is now a well known brand in Germany. To help those that are new to cooking and learning to cook, Jiminox product are made to help improve the functionality of a kitchen item.
Cooking shouldn't be a burden. In this age of pre-made and instant food, fewer people try cooking for their own meals, especially young people. By having the right gadgets and tools to work with, cooking can be made simple. With the Jiminox kitchenware products cooking is easy and best of all FUN!

The Ideal Home
A kitchen with a warm family gathered to cook dinner together using mirror polished stainless steel kitchenware is a dream that was described by the designer.
Going back his roots and in entering the China market, the designer expressed to us about the past Chinese household, where the kitchen space would not be enough for a family to enjoy the processes of cooking together. However in recent times the Chinese household is becoming much more affordable that more and more people can have a better space for living and for cooking. With the bigger space, the introduction to a new cooking culture into the Chinese culture is possible, where the family can enjoy cooking together. In hopes of bringing the Ideal Home to the Chinese people, the designer is dedicating himself to create the best kitchen items.