Carving Tool Set "Basic", 3 pieces


Product No. TRI-908570302
Materials Stainless Steel 420, TPE, PP
Product Description

For starting successfully with fruit and vegetable carving. Learn and practice basic carving techniques using these three most popular carving tools. All tools are made of tempered stainless steel while the handles are made of polypropylene, which is safe for use with food, and the main contact areas are made of non-slip Santoprene.

Carving Knife M
This sharp knife with its flexible, ground tip enables you to cut fine shapes accurately and remove excess fruit neatly and quickly.

Carving Tool A2 and E2
Half-round and V-shaped carving tools are used for shaping such fine details as petals, fish scales and other ornaments. These are the main preconditions for learning basic shaping skills.

Packaging Gift Box Packing
Other Items NIL
Total Weight 0.09kg
Care Instruction
  • Wash immediately after used.
  • Wash it in water or with alkaline detergents.
  • Do not rub them with abrasive products, metal or synthetic wool that make coarse scratches.
  • Wipe dry with a soft cloth immediately after washing.
  • Allow to dry completely & store in cool and dry place, e.g. drawer.

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